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Noran Engineering, Inc.  0
Structural analysis software with composite material capabilities. Provides visualizations of stress, deflection, vibration modes under various load scenarios. Used by yacht makers with entries in high profile races like America's Cup and Volvo Ocean Race. (Added: 4-Mar-2008 Hits: 1214) | Rate | Visit
Nupas Cadmatic  8.53
Nupas-Cadmatic is a highly successful CAD/CAE/CAM hull and piping and outfitting 3D software solution. Specialised in shipbuilding software since its start in 1992. Which not only shows in its flawless use of the software, but also in its support. Having an intuitive and intelligent interface it speeds up design and modelling processes. By delivering error-free information directly to workshops Nupas-Cadmatic cuts production times, shortens preparation time and reduces waste material. Nupas-Cadmatic can be customised to suit your design/production standards and working methods. (Added: 12-Apr-2012 Hits: 6422) | Rate | Visit
NX  2.00
NX delivers faster, more flexible part and assembly modeling, improved multi-CAD capability, streamlined digital simulation and more efficient manufacturing. (Added: 20-Jan-2010 Hits: 1547) | Rate | Visit
Pilot3D  0
Full-featured, relational trimmed NURB curve and surface 3D modeling program. Similar to ProSurf 3 but without the boat/ship terminology and functions. New Wave Systems. (Added: 24-Feb-2001 Hits: 4078) | Rate | Visit
Rhino 3D  8.50
Rhinoceros is an excellent NURBS modeler from McNeel and Associates. (Added: 16-Oct-1999 Hits: 25505) | Rate | Visit
Right Toolbox  0
Genesis Integral Object Designer the ultimate 3D design tool. This innovative and unique solution solves with solvency and simplicity all the 3D design process. Our user-friendly software succeeds in quality results, where other expensive well known software do not. Our CAD plug-in has the power to generate complex and predictable objects, using only plane projections (2D view) of the design as input. It has the ability to create Meshes, Surfaces and Solid Entities that can be edited, cut, added, subtracted, and/or intersected with ease. Our plug-in allows the design of exteriors and interiors applicable to aeronautical, nautical, automobile, industrial and architectural design. Genesis IOD, our surface and solid modeling software for rapid prototyping, woks from scratch. (Added: 27-May-2008 Hits: 957) | Rate | Visit
solidThinking  9.33
"The most complete set of surface creation tools of any modeling program available on Win and Mac platforms," including sophisticated tools like curves network, n-side, blending, fillet, surface intersections, automatic boolean operations, interactive trimming of surfaces, rebuild of curves and surfaces and many many others. (Added: 7-Aug-2001 Hits: 3362) | Rate | Visit
SolidWorks  7.85
"SolidWorks 2000 offers the solid modeling power and performance to get any job done, while being intuitive enough for every engineer and designer to learn." (Added: 11-Jan-2001 Hits: 3738) | Rate | Visit
Strand7  8.40
Strand7 is a general purpose finite element analysis system offering many specialized features such as the laminate composites module, which, combined with its ability to import NURBS surfaces, makes it ideally suited for the marine industry. (Added: 23-Jun-2004 Hits: 2238) | Rate | Visit
ThinkDesign  0
ThinkDesign Suite is the think3 solution for 2D and 3D aided design: an advanced parametric CAD dedicated to solid, surface and hybrid modeling. The available modeling techniques allow the creation of solids and surfaces, through the use of traditional approaches based on parameterization but also thanks to advanced tools such as the "Global Shape Modeling", also called GSM3. Other powerful tools are the Interactive Solid Modeling (ISM), which allows the direct editing, overcoming the logic of parameterization, and the Subdivision Surfaces, innovative approach for handling shapes with great creative freedom. (Added: 17-Jan-2014 Hits: 541) | Rate | Visit
TouchCAD  8.67
Marine design software, free-form 3D modeling,hull fairing and calculations, integrated advanced parametric unfolding/unwrapping features, OpenGL-based renderings and animations, available for both Mac and Windows (Added: 9-Aug-2003 Hits: 10230) | Rate | Visit
Unigraphics  10.00
Advanced and tightly integrated CAID/CAD/CAM/CAE product development solution combines knowledge based engineering, industrial design, world class modeling, analysis, simulation, and manufacturing into a single seamless process. (Added: 6-Jun-2001 Hits: 3526) | Rate | Visit

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